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I am not able to have rodent repellent shipped out here to California so I am in the process of receiving granule repellent for cats and dogs. Is this gonna work on rats? And can Ropel be sprayed on fan belts in cars?  Am having problems with rodents in car engine.

Thank You, T.T.

ROPEL can be used on anything. The only issue we’ve seen is some discoloration when treating certain fabrics. I don’t think this will be of any concern when treating under the hood of a car and over the years we’ve had people use it successfully to stop rats, mice and squirrels from chewing on their vehicles.

Another option is to set out a LIVE TRAP under the vehicle. Small animals are easy to catch and once trapped, you can relocate them far away so they can’t access your vehicle anymore.

Lastly, another great option is the TRANSONIC PRO ULTRA SOUND. It’s got variable settings and works well on both rats and mice. Install one set up with a timer as described in the following video and I’m sure you’ll be able to keep them away.


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Live Trap: