Does your company have a foam product that can be used to fill holes and will keep mice from chewing through it?


We do. For small jobs, the BLACK FOAM is the most common professional product used. The 16 oz can comes with it’s own hose so it’s ready for use and good for small jobs. The larger 32 oz can must be used with a FOAM GUN.

The maximum strength FOAM REPELLENT product works the same way but also has a “built in” repellent flavor making it stronger. It can only be used with a application gun like the one listed below.

Black Foam Sealant:

Pur Gun:

Foam Repellent:


I am looking for mouse repellent for use in our substation and communications buildings.

Would probably use inside and outside.

How often does this product need to be reapplied?

Is this available in larger quantities?

MOUSE REPELLENT will generally last 1-3 months per application depending on the local environment where it’s applied. Outside, it will usually dissipate over 1-2 months for sure. Even in dry climates. If the region where you plan on using it is moist or subject to a lot of rainfall, it may only last 1 month. If you intend on using it such a location, consider making the installation with GRANULE GUARDS to help protect the product and extend the length of time it’s effective.

Inside applications out of direct rainfall and sunlight could last 3 months or longer. Be advised it will release a smell when used inside and can be detected but my guess is these substations aren’t manned so it’s probably not an issue.

The largest size currently is the 28 lb PAIL. But we also carry a snake repellent which has the same exact ingredients. This product is available in large 236 lb Tubs though we don’t list this size on line in our cart. You can see the 28 lb pail and here are links to their respecitve labels:



As you can see, they are identical in composition. The large size is commonly acquired used by professionals who use it for various pest control services. It’s the same exact material but just has a different target animal on the outside label. Cost per 236 lb tub is $400.00 but we do extend our 5% online ordering discount to call in orders for this big size which drops the price to $380.00 or $1.61 per lb compared to $3.39 per lb for the 28 lb tub.


I’ve got a dead rat in a drainage pipe that comes down from my rain gutters. I want to take the pipe down and remove the rat but I need something to spray for the dead body odor. What can I use?

The best product for this application would be the NNZ. It works great on dead body odor. Once the pipe is taken down and the rat removed, just pour 1 gallon of the mixed NNZ through the pipe. The odor will be gone pretty much instantly.