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hi there,

we have had an ongoing rat problem since we’ve moved in to this house (here in atlanta!) there are places in the house on the carpet where rats have left their “scent” shall we say…. and one of these being in the room where my newborn will sleep. nice. do you have an organic spray that will neutralize the scent so they won’t come back? our pest control company said that smell is so strong they come back to it…

Roof Rats will definitely create and use scent trails to navigate their way around. Their vision is limited but they have an amazing sense of smell and use it to the fullest potential as explained in our ROOF RAT CONTROL ARTICLE. In fact, it’s clearly one of the biggest reasons why homes that get rodents once have a tendency to get them again; the lingering odors and scents are clearly an attractive nuisance and should be removed for long term rat control to truly be achieved.

If you check out our RODENT EQUIPMENT page, you’ll find a section on ODOR CONTROL. In this section there are links for two products that will solve this problem. Both NNZ and N7C are organic and can safely be used in the home. These products don’t mask or “clean up” anything. Essentially they break down and decompose the odor molecules that have been left behind. This decomposition process will morph the odor into another “scent” altogether and most importantly, one that roof rats will not interpret to be their own (and not detectable by humans). Of the two, I’d recommend the NNZ. It’s the odorless version and best suited for inside applications where no smell is the desired end result.

Additionally, it would be ideal if you are able to peel back the carpet and get the treatment down under the rug as much as possible. If there is wood or cement under the carpet, there is no doubt some of the odor molecules embedded on this substrate as well. This means treating over the top of the carpet won’t be nearly as direct as we like to make the application. In the end, the more direct you administer the NNZ,  the better the results you’ll enjoy (and the faster they’ll be noticeable). You may be able to achieve the same result by spraying over the carpet but there could be a impact on the carpet color since it will require a lot of water to get the NNZ down through the carpet. That means a good soaking and this process could alter or change the color of the rug. Avoid this altogether by treating under the carpet. After the initial application you can mist over the top of the carpet to ensure the carpet fibre’s aren’t harboring any scent.

For more information on the NNZ, check out the NNZ LABEL we’ve posted on line. And if you have further questions about how to do the job, please give us a call at 770-985-9392 during our normal business hours.