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You just have so many items and reading so I will simply ask a question. I have been having critters of unknown types chewing on my ac hoses under the house. They nest in and around the heating and cooling ducts and vents. I can not crawl under the house but is there something general I could use through a garden sprayer or apply to perimeter of house that wont wash away? Thanks for your help.

I suspect you have some kind of rat though it could be a shrew or vole. Without knowing for sure, making a specific recommendation is tough. That being said, there some things you can do.

First, you could treat the hoses and pipes with some 4-THE-BIRDS LIQUID which would effectively stop the chewing immediately. This product is odorless but something no animal can tolerate. Where applied, they will stay away.

Second, I would set some food out in the area like bird food or pet food (if you have a dog or cat, either of their food would suffice). If this “animal” takes the offering, I would then say to get a live trap to catch the ones living inside your home. Once these are removed, you could then find their access points and seal these holes up to prevent more of this animal from coming into your home. Clearly you have a problem with something entering and my guess is there is some kind of food motivating them to get inside. Trap out what you have now before you start sealing up entry points; once you are sure all the current ones active are removed you can do the closure needed to keep new ones from getting inside.

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