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I have pack rats eating my outdoor cushions.  Can this be used on fabric without problems?

Clearly rats like to chew things as explained in our RAT CONTROL ARTICLE. This is quite normal out in the wild but when they are allowed to exist in close proximity to a building, chances are high that the building itself or something around or inside the building will become a “chew” target. My guess is there must be something close by which is luring them in like bird seed, pet food or some other abundant food source. If rats are frequenting your yard for food, chewing and gnawing will be a problem.

To stop them from chewing something specific, give it a good dose of ROPEL SPRAY. This bad tasting agent will get them to stop and move on to something more palatable. And take the time to treat anything else close by you think they might target. Likely objects rats like to chew include house siding, small trees, automobiles, garden hoses and most any yard furniture.

Ultimately you might have to either restrict the amoun of food available in the area to help cut down on the rat activity. If this can’t be done, one of the trapping methods used to reduce the local population might be in order. Rats chewing furniture cushions isn’t nearly as bad compared to what can happen once they target house wiring and other sensitive objects.