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hi, i just recently received a bunch of powder and various liquids from you all. i have thus far only used the aerosol cans for the removal of our aromatic friends the stink bug. i was telling my neighbor how wonderful the spray was working when he motioned me over and said, think they have anything for this?
something either mouse, rat or squirrel keeps eating the wiring harnesses on his truck and now his flat bed trailer. his work van and his wife’s car, because of being driven daily, have not had this happen to date but who knows. I’m right next door have and several items that sit a good bit but haven’t had an issue. that’s why i am doing the correspondence; he didn’t want whatever is doing this to read his e-mail.

There are several animals that could be doing this. The most common is the roof rat. They need to chew on things to grind their teeth as explained in our ROOF RAT CONTROL article. Radiator hoses, electric wiring and most any thin pipe or tube under a car hood has proven to be a likely target in our experience.

There are a few things that can be done to stop the problem. The simplest is to set out a LIVE TRAP up under the vehicles. Foraging rodents will find it, get caught and can then be relocated away from the property. Use our LOGANBERRY PASTE as bait and along with either bird seed or dog food, you’ll quickly catch the culprit.

ULTRA SOUND is another good option. Set out the TRANSONIC every night and it will definitely keep any animal away. Use a timer to have it operate only during the night and you can have it be essentially automatic.

ROPEL or 4-THE-BIRDS LIQUID rubbed or sprayed on the wiring will also stop them. But these treatments aren’t permanent and will have to be reapplied as needed.